Labelled by society to be insane, he was as free minded as they came. Words flowed like a stream,ideas that would make you quiver, aspirations. Labelled by society to be mentally unstable, he was as sane as they came. Thoughts that echoed throughout his head,experiencesover and over again, sometimes making him doubt himself sometimes.

The idea was to make him one of you,society. But how can you make him yours, after his eyes finally opened. Opening his eyes meant the demise of your lies.Don’t waste your time with him society, he’s as unstable as a mentally insane personParadox.


Stairway To Nowhere:-


Times are changing.Unfortunately, the times that we live in are harder than ever before. There’s just no haven. The world is just a repetition of inconsistencies. You have nowhere to go, you have no refuge. All you can do is survive. Too much pressure on kids these days… i‘m pretty sure all you guys will be able to relate to it. Get good grades, be good at sports, be a good debater, run for school president, come home and study, get scholarships, do well on your SAT, don’t talk back because nobody cares about what you think because you’re just a kid. What happened to good ol‘ chill time. I don’t see much of it anymore. I don’t do much of it anymore either. Our life has all ready been decided for us. You better become a doctor/engineer/architect/manager or else you’re useless. You can’t go right where nothings left or go left where nothings wrongso you’re just stuck in the middleand the cycle repeatsoverand overand over again…

I’m a variable:-


What is love? I don’t know, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet anyone who does,yet. Most people say that love is a false illusion, to give teens like us a fake sense of being loved. Love,in my opinion, comes with time and age. I’m that friend in the group who has never been in a relationship, but somehow manages to give relationship advice. And I  can say proudly, my friends come to me for advice quite a lot. The whole point of this post is that you never know when you will find love. It could be in the last place you will ever expect to find it. Don’t get into hundreds of relationships and say that he/she is the one and that I “love” him/her. You’ll find someone someday, Until then, enjoy life. You only get to live it once.

Reminiscing.. :-


A toast to the pastA time when sadness had taken over and happiness ceased to exist. A time with routines that kept repeating again and again. Nothing to do, no one to talk to. A time when all in my mind was studying and “to get a good grade”. A time when I gave more time to my studies that to my family and friends. A toast to my failure of living life to its fullest. But, I guess things change, I have found what I needed to and now i‘m fighting a fight that I was meant to years ago.


World Hold On:-

World Hold On:-

Guys, If you haven’t heard this song, then i‘m afraid you haven’t lived yet. It’s a really old song that brings back so many memories. Reminiscing the old time, you know? One of those days. Anyways, back to the song, the lyrics are beautiful and the music just perfectly blends in with the song to make such a sublime melody. Brings tears to my eyes (funny because it’s not actually a song to be sad at). It’s funny how some certain songs have an effect on you. Like fragments of memories stick to those songs and whenever you listen to those songs over a period of time, the memories just flood in. I’d just like to share one of those songs of mine with you :).

Go with the flow:-


All right, all right, I know i‘ve been uploading these posts about following your dreams and stuff a lot, but I really want to emphasize how important it is. The post perfectly portrays the importance of following your dreams. If you love to write,write. If you love to draw,draw. Don’t worry about money. Money should be the last thing on your mind. Don’t go for worldly possessions; the real happiness lies within, so do what you’ve always wanted to do.